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Hugely successful Skipperi expanding to other countries

Skipperi continues its domination with hassle-free boating! Did you know most of their city boats have Q plotters, making navigation easier? We first told about Q plotters in Skipperi boats last summer, read more about it here!

Skipperi is a boating service that enables city boating for all with a monthly, fixed fee. With the subscription you can drive all of their city boats from over 40 harbours in Finland and other countries. Their services have been hugely popular for the last few years, with people just signing up for a waiting list to get a chance to join the subscription!

For the boating season of 2021 Skipperi has expanded its services to Denmark, Norway, and New Zealand. The subscribers can use all of their city boats, no matter the country or harbor. From Hanko to Auckland, the Skipperi Fleet includes 350 boats. You can see all the Skipperi harbors on map here.

10″ Q plotter in a Skipperi Fleet boat.

All the Yamarin Cross and Yamarin 63 DC boats equipped with Q plotters

The city boats, also known as the Skipperi Fleet, are Yamarin 63 DC and Yamarin Cross boats (except in New Zealand where the boats are from Haines Hunter). Once you become a customer you can book a time slot to drive any of the boats.

In 2021 the Skipperi city boats with Q plotters are:

All of these boats are fitted with Yamarin Q plotters, designed and manufactured by Nextfour in Turku.

The Q plotters make boating smarter, and easier. Everything you need from marine maps, boat and engine information to local weather, entertainment and manuals, can be found in one place. The modern plotters ease the adventures of boaters and make boating more accessible for all. You can read more about the Q System here.