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Q Mobile app

Q App

The Q App is a mobile application that lets you keep your boating info with you where ever you go. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The Q App is not only passive, but you can also control your appliances remotely through the app. For example, you can preemptively turn on your heater to arrive at a warm and dry boat, or you can turn on your fridge to ensure that your groceries do not spoil. Comfort has never been this easy. 

All your trips, along with their data, are stored in the app. This makes remembering, and sharing, past trips easier than ever.  

Sometimes things go wrong, but disaster can be avoided by swift action. The Q App immediately sends you a notification if it detects that something is not right. You get a notification if your boat leaves the docks without you, if the water level in the bilge rises over a safe level, or if the battery voltage drops too low. Together with Q Guard, the Q App handles the monitoring of your boat, so that you do not have to. 

Q Guard – Anti-theft 

Leaving your boat alone at the docks can be unnerving – with Q Guard you can let your guard down. Q Guard is an anti-theft system integrated in the Q2 Display. The Q Guard takes advantage of the always-on 4G connection to continuously keep you updated on the boat’s security. You will immediately be notified if your boat is hauled away, if your engine is stolen, or if your battery is disconnected. The Q Guard will also set off a loud siren in the boat when the engine is disconnected without authorization, scaring away any wrong doers.  


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