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Q Display 2 Series

The Q Display is no ordinary chart plotter. The Q Display is an all-in-one device that incorporates navigation, entertainment, connectivity, and safety in a simple and clear user interface. The Q2 Display comes in six sizes: 10”, 12”, 16”, 22”, 24” and double 10”. 

Q216 älykäs navigointijärjestelmä


The Q Display is compatible with the world leading Navionics+ and Navionics Platinum+ charts. Navionics’ charts offer an excellent selection of layers and functions, which makes them perfect for both the user who wants to see everything, and for the user who only wants the essentials. Navionics’ charts are also the safest on the market due to their daily updates, which can be applied wirelessly on the Q2 Display, meaning you will always have the most up-to-date chart data available.  

Q216 smart navigation system


Boating should not be too serious – it should be enjoyable. The Q2 Display takes entertainment seriously, so that you can relax. Everything from streaming music to sharing your trips with your friends, the Q2 Display has you covered.  

Few things are as enjoyable as good music out at sea. With the built-in amplifier, and Bluetooth connectivity you can seamlessly stream music. The Q2 Display’s 4G connectivity makes sure the party goes on even when your phone’s data-reception is poor. 

For either work or play, the Q2 Display has superior antennas to most handheld devices – which you can take advantage of. By activating the Hotspot internet sharing on the Q2 Display you can ensure that everyone on board has access to stable, and fast, internet during the entire trip.  

To give you an advantage on your fishing trips, we have collaborated with Airmar to develop a Fish Finder specifically for the Q2 Display. The Fish Finder does not only find schools of fish, but also gives you a clear representation of the seabed, gives you an accurate depth reading, and measures water temperature, for those early summer swimming trips.  


In today’s world everything is connected – the same should go for your boat. The Q2 Display is constantly connected to the internet through its internal 4G modem, even when turned off. Making the Q2 Display truly always connected. This allows you to access your boat’s status at any time via the Q App, and the Q Guard lets you know that your boat is safe at the docks. The built-in WLAN modem gives you the ability to share a stable 4G-signal, or just connect the Q2 Display to the harbors guest-WLAN.  

Using your phone during rough seas is not ideal, nor safe. With our Bluetooth connectivity you can control your music on the Q2 Display, and you get your notifications directly on the screen.  

Sometimes nothing beats old classics, the Q2 Display comes equipped with FM/DAB connectivity, which gives you access to all your favorite stations.  

The Q2 Display of course also communicates locally with your boat over the NMEA2000 network. Through this you get access to all your motor data, such as RPM, fuel consumption, trim angle, and fault codes. The NMEA2000 standard also gives you certainty on which accessories are compatible with the Q2 Display, and which are not.  


Boating is fun – as long as it is safe. The Q2 Display makes sure that you have all the information necessary to make your boating as safe as possible.  

The key to safe boating is planning. To make route planning as convenient as possible we have made it possible for you to plan your routes at home, so that you have more time to focus on boating. Sometimes spontaneous trips are great, that is when the Auto-route function allows you to swiftly calculate a safe route to your destination, with regards to the size of your boat.  

The weather cannot be controlled, but it can be avoided. The Q2 Display automatically alerts you if the weather suddenly is changing for the worse. This allows you to find safe docking ahead of storms.  

Technical specifications 


  • Navionics+ & Navionics Platinum+ charts with 3D mode, detailed sonar charts and depth shading. Over The Air updates. 
  • Port-to-port routing 
  • 10 Hz GPS


  • 4G/LTE 
  • WLAN client and hotspot 
  • Bluetooth LE 
  • NMEA 2000  
  • WLAN 
  • Data BUS 


  • 2 x 20W audio amplifier 
  • Dual, stereo channel, RCA audio-output (unamplified) 
  • FM/DAB radio receiver 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Hotspot network sharing 


  • Ultra-durable 3 mm glass, IPS TFT with anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coating 
  • 16” resolution: 1920*1080 (Full-HD) brightness typ. 1000 cd/m2, min. 800 cd/m2 contrast ratio typ. 800, min. 600 
  • 10” resolution: 1280*800 (WVGA) brightness typ. 850 cd/m2, min. 760 cd/m2 contrast ratio typ. 800, min. 600 
  • 12” resolution: 1280*800 (WVGA) brightness typ. 850 cd/m2, min. 760 cd/m2 contrast ratio typ. 800, min. 600 


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