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Yamarin Q plotters available for everyone through Skipperi

This summer you can enjoy the Q plotters easily without owning a boat yourself – with the help of Skipperi.

Skipperi is a boating service that enables city boating through the summer for people without their own boat, with a monthly, fixed fee. They also make it possible for boat owners to rent out their own boats directly to experienced boaters from all over the world.

With the huge success that Skipperi’s city boats service had in the summer of 2019, they have now picked the trusty Yamarin Cross boats for their choice of city boats for 2020. All of the city boats have Q plotters in them to make boating smarter, and easier.

In 2020 the Skipperi city boats with Q plotters Yamarin are:

All the boats are fitted with Yamarin Q plotters, that we here at Q Experience have designed and manufactured. Q plotters can also be found in all of Yamarin Cross boats for the season of 2020.

Q plotters make boating easier for customers

All Skipperi city boats are equipped with Q plotters that have big and clear touch screens. The easy-to-use Q panel brings together the boat’s navigation system, marine charts, and the entertainment system. Having the Q plotters in Skipperi city boats makes it easier for people to enjoy their boating and even encourage new boaters to the scene.

All of the city boat’s and their Q panel’s have also been connected to Skipperi’s own mobile app. This way boating information is always easy to find.

Skipperi itself describes the use of Q plotters in their city boats as follows:

Q plotters have been embraces well by the customers, and the feedback has been positive. Modern plotters ease the adventures of city boat users and make boating more convenient and pleasant. Q plotters have also given us at Skipperi a new chance for service and product development on the Skipperi app, since we now have more data on the boats and their use through the Q plotters.

This year we have developed e.g. a fuel monitoring service, where the Skipperi app tells the user how much fuel has been used and how much fuel you have to fill in at the gas station. For customers, this means better understanding of their fuel consumption, and less cases of over and under filling the boat’s fuel tanks.

(Translated from Finnish)

The Q plotters make boating smarter, and easier. Everything you need from marine maps, boat and engine information to local weather, entertainment and boat manuals can be found in one place. You can read more about the Q System here.

What is Skipperi? Boating made possible for everyone

Skipperi’s boating service enables boating through the summer for all, even if they don’t have a boat. They also make it possible for you to rent your own boat to other boaters. Skipperi’s city boats in the Helsinki area rose to a huge success last summer, and the company now has extended its services for the summer of 2020.

This year Skipperi has over 20 harbors around Finland, as well as numerous locations in Stockholm, Sweden. There are over 100 motorboats divided between these harbors for the customers to drive. Once you become a customer you can book a time slot to drive any of the boats with a fixed monthly fee.

Skipperi boats have all the needed equipment and technology for easy and smart boating. It is also an easy way for people who don’t have that much boating experience to painlessly step into the scene.

Article image by Skipperi