Q2 Support

General tips, support materials, troubleshooting help and release notes for the second generation Q Displays (released 2020). See the sidebar on how to contact Q Experience support, follow us on social media or to subscribe to our newsletter on new releases and articles.


No detailed navigation maps are shown

If only the rough base map is displayed on the Q Display:

  • Is your current area covered by the attached chart card? Check the available charts from Info > Peripherals. Under Media you should be able to see an area that is covered.
  • If there is no area the chart card may be corrupted. In this case contact the retailer that delivered the chart card.
  • If the chart card came with your boat, contact your closest retailer.

No motor information is shown in the dashboard

Motor data is provided to the Q Display over the NMEA2000 network. The most likely causes for the motor data to disappear is:

  • The NMEA2000 network does not have power. Change the fuse, and check the NMEA2000 terminators.
  • If the NMEA2000 network’s power supply is good, the next step is to make sure that the engine gateway is functioning properly. You can check if any NMEA2000 devices are found in: Info > Peripherals. If the engine gateway does not show up here, it is most likely the cause and needs to changed.

Noise from the speakers

If you have an external amplifier installed in your boat, check that the Gain has not been set too high on the amplifier. The Gain control is usually hidden under a waterproof hatch on the amplifiers.

Whining noise heard from the speakers are usually caused by a ground loop between the Q Display and the amplifier. Install audio ground loop isolator (audio transformer) in the audio cable from the Q Display to the amplifier. This removes any ground lood effects.

No sonar data displayed in the sonar view

If your Q Display does not show any fish finder data in the fish finder application, check the following:

  • Go to Info > Peripherals > Environment monitoring, does your fish finder show up?
    • If it does, then the fish finder transducer can not get a read on the bottom. Try adjusting the position of the transducer.
    • If it does not, then the fish finder is either broken or does not have a stable 12V source. If the fish finder is factory mounted, contact your retailer, in other cases contact the seller of your fish finder.

Fuel level seems odd

If fuel level shown on the Q is low when the tank is full and vice versa, the fuel sensor type setting is wrong. See Settings – Boat – Fuel sensor (Type A, Type E or NMEA). If you are unsure what fuel sensor type you have in your boat, console your user manual or contact your retailer.


Know fuel sensor types:

Buster Boats: Type A

Yamarin & Yamarin Cross: Type E

Askeladden: NMEA

Fuel flow shows zero although motor is running

  • Is the fuel flow unit set as L/nm? If so, is the boat speed zero? This unit setting requires speed greater than zero.

Weather forecast not available

  • Is Q connected to the internet either via mobile or wifi? Check for mobile and/or wifi signal strength icon in the sidebar.
  • Does Q have position information (i.e. boat icon visible in the navigator)? The position icon in the sidebar should be white.
  • Does Q have time? Check for clock visibility in the sidebar.

Activate or Renew Navionics chart card

If you see the notification: Activate or renew your Navionics subscription.

The retailer or boat manufacturer have pre-installed a SD-card with the charts for your area. This SD-card is supplied by Navionics.

To activate or renew your Navionics subscription you need to perform a Plotter Sync, see here. The subscription is a paid subscription.

The subscription gives you the following Navionics features:

  • Download chart layers that remain on your device even after expiration (Mobile only)
  • Download daily chart updates and utilize valuable advanced features
  • Dock-to-dock autorouting (Note: auto routing is available without the Navionics subscription on Q Displays with software version 2317.777 or newer)
  • Advanced map options
  • GPX import/export
  • Transfer routes between app and plotter

Release notes

Here you can find all the release notes of Q2 (2020->). We try to keep you as informed as possible on all our technical changes and improvements.

13.10.2023 in News, Q2 Release

Q2 Release notes 2347.860

Fall 2023 Release notes Release note in PDF form: Need help? Do not hesitate to contact Q Support with any questions about the use of your Q Display. q-support@nextfour.com
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27.4.2023 in News, Q2 Release

Q2 Release notes 2317.777

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8.12.2022 in News, Q2 Release

Q2 Release notes 2228.622

This is a hotfix to fix an issue with chart startup caused by big amounts of trips in the log. Note: The fix might require reboot the unit still once if…
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8.12.2022 in News, Q2 Release

Q 2 Release Notes 2148.462

Sailing instruments New sailing instruments gauge added. The gauge can be accessed from the dashboard by selecting "Sailing instruments" from the dashboard menu. The traditional gauge for the most important…
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