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Q Digital Switch

Q Switch

Control everything with the digital switch

Q Digital Switch is Q Experience’s own digital switch. Boat’s appliances, such as lights and fans, are connected to Q Digital Switch that, in turn, is connected to Q Panel. The panel has its own Boat Controls app where you can control each appliance on a big, bright touch screen.

Q Digital Switch has been designed for easy customization. As all controls are located in Q Panel’s app, the same mechanical design goes in all boat models. All customization can be done by updating the app, which brings the development and production costs down. Q Panel’s bright touch screen also makes it possible to display a lot of information – something that mechanical boat control switches can’t do.

Q boat settings in 210D smart navigation system

Boat controls app

Boat Controls app is always accessible through the Q Panel regardless of which app you are currently using. Simply tap on the Boat Controls icon, and the app slides over the application you are currently using. Boat Controls contain simple on/off toggles for each connected appliance and sliders for some devices, e.g. stereo.

App’s content can be customized for each manufacturer and boat model. Updates don’t require changes to mechanics, which brings down the development cost.


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