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Boating season is fast approaching and it might just be the biggest yet! The new Q Display 2 Series is out on the waters for its first summer, along with the already familiar, original series of Q Panels.

Contact us on any Q Display problem

Our Q Support team can be reached through the year by contacting us either through email. In the boating season of 2021 the Q Support team will include Wille Öhman, Lasse Landor, and our Product Manager Patrik Gustafsson.


We also have separate support pages for Q1 (the original Q Panel), and Q2 (the new Q Display 2 Series). They include different helpful info such as support materials, tips and tricks, troubleshooting, and release notes. New guides and support materials will be added as they are released.

Field support in Sweden for the boating season of 2021

As a new addition to our Q Support we will also for the first time have Q Field Support in Sweden! Our field support will be taken care of by a new member of the Q Support team, Lasse Landor. This summer he will be positioned in Sweden, where he will offer Q Support right on the scene, land or water. So if your Q Display malfunctions in the middle of your boating trip, concrete help will be just one call away! More info on how to best contact our Q Field Support will be added to our Support page and to our news later this spring.

The Q Field Support will be executed together with Inhan Tehtaat, the manufacturer of Buster, Yamarin, and Yamarin Cross boats.

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