Q1 Support

General tips, support materials, troubleshooting help and release notes for the first generation Q Displays (from 2016 to 2020). See the sidebar on how to contact Q Experience support, follow us on social media or to subscribe to our newsletter on new releases and articles.


Fuel flow shows zero although motor is running

  • Is the fuel flow unit set as L/nm? If so, is the boat speed zero? This unit setting requires speed greater than zero.

No detailed navigation maps are shown

  • Are you sure the card is installed? Only the rough base map is displayed without navigation charts.
  • Is your current area covered by the attached chart card? Check the available charts from Settings > Navigation > Navigation charts.
  • Is the card factory installed?

No motor information is shown in sidepanel

  • Check that the NMEA2000 cables are connected correctly and that the network is terminated at both ends.
  • Check that the Yamaha gateway is installed (only for Yamaha engines).
  • Is other NMEA2000 information shown correctly? Check the available NMEA devices from Settings – System – NMEA information.

Weather forecast not available

  • Is Q connected to the internet either via mobile or wifi? Check for mobile and/or wifi signal strength icon on the top left corner of the display.
  • Does Q have position information (i.e. boat icon visible in the navigator)? The position icon in the sidebar (top left corner of the display) should be white.
  • Does Q have time? Check for clock visibility in the sidepanel (top left corner of the display).

Noise from the speakers

Whining noise heard from the speakers usually come from ground loop between the Q and the amplifier. Install audio ground loop isolator (audio transformer) in the audio cable from the Q to the amplifier.

Fuel level seems odd

If fuel level shown on the Q is low when the tank is full and vice versa, the fuel sensor type setting is wrong. See Settings – Boat – Fuel sensor. Normally the setting in Buster boats should be A type (US type sensor). The Phantom is an exception. If Yamaha Helm master is installed the fuel information is coming through NMEA2000 and the Qs should be configured to have 2 fuel sensors. One with NMEA2000 instance id 0 and one with id 1.

No sonar data displayed in the sonar view

Check the Raymarine CP100 power led. Solid green: Power on (takes < 1 minute); green 1 blink: normal operation; amber 1 blink: transducer disconnected; amber 2 blinks: no ethernet network detected; amber 5 blinks: under voltage 34.2V.

Release notes

Here you can find all the release notes of Q1. We try to keep you as informed as possible on all our technical changes and improvements.

15.7.2021 in Q1 Release

Q1 Release Notes 2134.700

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2.6.2021 in Q1 Release

Q1 Release Notes 2122.695

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26.5.2021 in Q1 Release

Q1 Release Notes 2120.694

Here are the release notes of software release 2120.694 for Q Display 1 Series (-2020). Improvements • Bluetooth sound quality improvements• Trip reporting improvements• Numeric fuel calculations• Flickering fuel level…
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30.4.2021 in Q1 Release

Q1 Release notes 2117.688

Here are the release notes of software release 2117.688 for Q Display 1 Series (-2020). Navionics Plotter Sync Navionics Plotter Sync functionality added. With Plotter Sync you can activate or…
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