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How to smoothly enter the boating scene

Want to start boating but navigation seems too hard? We make the easiest infotainment plotter out on the market.

Boating is a suitable hobby for the whole family regardless of age or sex. It offers an experience of a lifetime to learn new things about nature, yourself and the people you’re travelling with.

Boating can be easy and careless when done right. The boat and the surrounding landscape form a small microcosmos where the worries of the world are left behind and a person can be present with all senses. 

How to make boating easier?

The Q Experience has the easiest-to-use plotter on the market. It is suitable for everyone on the waters.

Above all, Q Experience is more than just a plotter. It’s an infotainment system that let’s you control the whole boat.

Well then, how to test out the Q plotters?

You can find the Q plotters on many Buster, Yamarin, and all the Yamarin Cross boats.

Yamarin Cross boats are the official Skipperi boats in 2020, so you’ll still have time to rent a city boat and test out the easiness of Q plotters.

The boating season in Finland is longer than you think

The boating season in Finland can be short and intense. It always seems to end too soon but still manages to offer a huge range of different ambiences.
Summer nights are spherical, the sun warms the cliffs and the guest marinas pulsate happily.

On the coast of Finland, the length of the coastline is more than 46,000 kilometers, there are more than 73,000 islands and on our southwest coast is the largest unified archipelago in Europe, so there is plenty to boat!

Boating season can still be extended long into the autumn if you have the right boating equipment. With the Q Experience’s Q app you can control your boat’s heating and keep warm even though the weather is getting colder.

Something to do in every port

Our archipelago is full of different types of ports. There are marinas and service ports, as well as five magnificent and diverse national parks. The ports offer boaters a wide range of services, from sooty campfire sites to restaurants decorated with white tablecloths, places to stay for the night, outdoor toilets and septic tank emptying points and opportunities to fill the boat’s food and fuel stores.

The diverse coastline and varied archipelago offer things to experience from day trips to months-long excursions. And best of all, the Baltic Sea is connected to the oceans of the world via the Danish Straits – along the back of the sea you can travel all the way to the other side of the world!

Before leaving the dock, make sure you are up to date with sea safety and rules and read our safety checklist here.

Have fun!