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Summer has come and gone, but boating season can still go on

Especially in the Nordic countries like Finland, Sweden and Norway, autumn time is beautiful but also cold as the winter slowly but surely approaches. That doesn’t mean you should stop boating just yet.

Many boats have heaters in them, to expand the boating season way beyond the warm summer times. One of our partners, the boat heater manufacturer Wallas-Marin, keeps you and your boat warm through the colder days of autumn.

Wallas Viking air heater expanding your boating season

Wallas-Marin is a well-established Finnish manufacturer of renewable diesel and kerosene heaters and cookers. They are committed to follow the Sustainable Development Goals to make boating more sustainable.
Wallas boat heaters and cookers are used around the world, in bigger and smaller boats and vessels.

Their heaters are designed to be reliable and power-efficient, so your boating can be more sustainable and secure.

One of the most popular and fitting model for different boats is the Wallas Viking Air heater. Here’s what the CEO of Wallas-Marin, Jussi Oksanen said about the heater model:

“Wallas Viking Air diesel heater has been designed to meet all the requirements of the boater. It has quiet combustion green boost technology to enjoy the peaceful moments in your boat. It also has a power boost function with what you can defrost the windshield in the damp weather. Wallas Viking Air is remotely controllable heater with low emissions and works with the HVO-based renewable synthetic diesels. All Wallas heaters come with 3 years warranty.”

The Viking Air heater has the same physical size as the popular Wallas Dt and GB series heaters. It also has a more efficient and cleaner burning Greenboost burner.

Connected heating – Control your heater with Q Experience

If your boat has our infotainment system (for example Buster Q, Yamarin Q or Askeladden C-Command plotte) you may already know that you can control your boat’s heating with the Q Experience.

Boat heating is integrated into the Q Experience’s smart navigation system. You can easily control and adjust your boat’s heating to your liking from the same screen that controls your whole boat.

Psst… You may also have noticed the Q Experience is stepping into a new era. We will introduce you to an even better and effortless heating experience with the Q app!

Stay tuned for October to find out more!

Don’t know what heater to choose for your boat?

Wallas has a Heater Selector tool to help you choose the best heater for your boat!

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