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New and updated version of The Q Experience app was released both on Android and iOS last week. The new version of the app, 1.6.0, has some great updates to your user experience as smooth as possible. The changes in the app include

  • Added support for multiple boats
  • Added support for multiple users

The biggest change in the new 1.6.0. version is the added support for operating multiple boats with the same application and user account. You can select and add your boats to the app from the Boats menu. If you change your boat, all previous boats and their logs will remain archived in the application. This way all your information is saved, and switching to a new boat in the app is quick and smooth.

Another update in the new version of The Q Experience app is the ability for several users to link with the same boat if they have the app on their phones. This feature is very handy, for example in cases where a boat has more than one owner or user. This way sharing the boat and all of its information is easier than before.

Don’t forget to archive or remove the link from your app if you sell your boat!

The Q Experience app can currently be used in the following boats:

If you use Buster Q or Yamarin Q applications, don’t worry – the same new features will be updated to those apps as well in the near future!

If you don’t have The Q Experience app yet, download it for free from the links below!

Download The Q Experience app for Android

Download The Q Experience app for iOS