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We have enabled the access to our Q Display via a customization interface! This makes the integration to other manufacturers equipment easy and efficient without making changes to the Q Display operating system. 

Q Display API makes it possible to: 

  • register custom applications running in external hardware to display’s main menu. 
  • control display settings 
  • use the display as an internet router 
  • access all the data such as position, weather information, the values produced by the connected sensors as well as dozens of others 
  • monitoring and controlling the equipment connected to our digital switch (such as lighting, refrigerator and pumps) 
  • custom meters to display and control third party data and devices. 

Interest towards API is big and there is already several manufacturers integrating it. Q Yachts is the first to launch their integration in their Club Boat 24 boat model. 

If you are interested in learning more about the capabilities of our Q Display API, please contact Product Manager Patrik Gustafsson (