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The first release notes for the Q Display 2 Series

Here’s what features you should check out first from your new Q Display 2 Series plotter.

Views & applications

  • Customizable views with different view templates (fullscreen, vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture).
  • Notification center for phone calls, weather, malfunctions and system updates. Indicated by different colors.
  • Split views – up to 4 different views visible at the same time.
  • Different settings and individual preferences for each view.
  • Pinned views in the sidebar for easier and faster access.
  • Own application menus for each application.

Map and navigation

  • Enhanced basic map functions.
  • “What’s here” -feature to inspect nearby marine markers, chart notation and points of interest.
  • Detailed chart settings with chart layers, depths and altitudes. Includes satellite overlays. Compatible with Navionics SonarChart.
  • See ahead, bird-eye-view, and fuel range display widgets for easier navigation.
  • Compact dashboard widget to display on the map. Features in the compact dashboard can be re-ordered, and the shown features can be chosen.

Music, Weather & Info

  • Built-in audio amplifier.
  • Entertainment center with Bluetooth, AUX, and radio.
  • Equalizer for fine-tuning the audio profile.
  • Real-time weather forecast for the next 24 hours, based on AccuWeather’s data.
  • Daily weather overviews for the next five days.
  • Info application for all guides, essential links and info.

Settings & Mobile App

  • Multiple users feature with customized settings for each user.
  • Display handedness for both right and left handed users.
  • Multiple display themes to choose from (boat manufacturer, dark, light, sand, night mode)
  • GPS sources internal and NMEA.
  • Q Mobile App with Boat Guard -feature. Alerts your phone in case of engine theft or if there’s water in the bilge.
  • Mobile app also includes 24/7 boat and boating trip info.

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