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With the spring steadily approaching, it is the perfect time to shop and plan for the next boating season. Along with all necessary items like life jackets, fire extinguishers, anchors and registration papers, you might need to upgrade some of your boating gadgets for the boating season of 2021.

Here are some ideas to freshen up your boating experience!

1 Upgrade your life jacket

Safety first is a crucial rule while out on the waters. If you haven’t already, this might be the time to upgrade your traditional life jacket for a sleeker, air inflation one. It gives you more mobility and is much more comfortable than a traditional foam one.  

There are plenty of different air inflation life jackets, like these one from Crewsaver, and these from Baltic.

2 Invest in a quality cooler

Spending a nice day out on the waters during the summer times requires a good, quality cooler, like this one from Yeti. You should also check out cooler bags, that will float even if full with your favorite drinks.

3 Q Remote

If your boat has a Q Display you might wanna check out our Q Remote. It’s a handy remote controller for your smart plotter, making navigation easier by letting you keep your both hands on the steering wheel. Q Remote is easy to connect to your boat’s steering wheel, and it can be fitted to either side of the steering wheel to cater for both left and right handed users.

Btw.. there’s a new Q gadget coming out later this spring!

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4 Turn your phone into a navigation tool

One of the easiest ways to add new tools to your boating is by different mobile apps. You might want to keep detailed nautical maps in your phone with Navionics mobile app, or keep track of the ship traffic with MarineTraffic app.

If you haven’t already, check out our own Q Experience mobile app as well. It keeps your boating info with you where ever you go, and also works as remote heater controller and theft alarm (some features not yet available with the Series 1 Q Displays).

Need more tech? Q Display has numerous tech gadgets integrated

Boating can also be made a lot more easier, safer and more comfortable with technology. You might need things like:

  • Chart plotter
  • Depth finder
  • Satellite and sonar charts
  • Stereo and radio
  • Weather service
  • Radar
  • Fishfinder

With a smart plotter you get all of these functions in one smart screen. There are plenty of different smart plotter devices and models out there, like our own, The Q Experience. Our Q Displays can be found in different boat brands under different names such as Buster Q, Yamarin Q, and Askeladden C-Command.

If you are thinking of upgrading your whole boat to a new level, ask your retailer about boats that already have a Q Display integrated in them! For the boating season of 2021 new boats will have the Q Display 2 Series with even more features and navigation gadgets!