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General bug fixes.


  • Implemented rapid value update to reflect the NMEA 2000 and other value readings update on the screen as they occur, instead of the previous once per second.
  • Added night mode setting (Settings > Display > Automatic night mode). By enabling this setting changes the display automatically to night mode colors. When enabled, the sensitivity of this function can be adjusted with brightness limit setting (Settings > Display > Night mode brightness limit).
  • Added fuel sensor filtering to prevent the sudden changes in the tank(s). This can be enabled/disabled from the settings (Settings > Boat > Fuel level stabilization).

  • Added new side panel display: Trip info. This shows the fuel consumption, time and distance of the currently driven trip.
  • Added new side panel display: Trip meter. This shows the fuel consumption, time and distance of the trip meter (same as in Dashboard). The trip meter can be reset by touching this side panel display.
  • Added range estimation functionality. Trips, routes and places can now be set as destinations from their corresponding menus (by selecting the item and using the dartboard icon at the bottom). New side panel display Destination can be selected to display estimation of the arrival time and fuel consumption.
  • Improved trip syncing to server on shutdown.

  • Added new side panel displays for fresh, gray and black water tank sensors.
  • Added new setting to control speed update interval (Settings > Boat > Speed update interval).
  • Added new setting for specifying the total fuel tank capacity (Settings > Boat > Fuel capacity). New side panel display Range estimation can be enabled to show the estimation of the distance and time it is still possible to drive with the current fuel level. Another new side panel display Fuel amount estimate can be enabled to view the estimation of the current fuel amount.
  • Added new side panel display Side compass which shows the course of the ground in graphical and compact way.
  • Added new side panel display Numeric fuel level which shows the fuel level sensor reading as a percentage number.
  • Improved Navionics chart support. This is a preliminary step for the full support which will be released in the next release (estimated June 2020).
  • Hotfix for the GPS week number rollover problem which prevents occasionally the connection the Q Experience server.