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Do you have the Q Experience app?

With the Q Experience mobile application you can access all your boat’s important information straight from your pocket. We’ve created a simple guide to help you set everything up and enjoy boating effortlessly.

If you don’t have the Q Experience app you can download it here:


NOTE: If you have a Buster or Yamarin boat you should use their own apps to connect you phone and boat. Check them out here:
Buster Q App
Yamarin Q App

First, let’s start up your Q Display.

1 After you’ve started your device open the main menu and tap Settings.


2 Choose Connectivity from the categories.


3 Press Link mobile phone and a QR-code will appear on the screen.


4 To scan the QR-code, download the Q Experience app to your phone from your designated application store.


5 You can log in the app with an existing Q ID, register as a new user, or simply take a tour of the app.

To scan the QR-code you need to log in or register.


6 Tap Link now to open the QR reader and pair your phone and plotter.

7 Give consent to form the link and press continue.


8 After a successful pairing you can see your boat’s information in the app.


If you want to see a video tutorial of linking your boat to the app, click here!

Check out other tutorial videos from the Q Experience YouTube channel, relax,  and enjoy a nice day at the sea!