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The smart future of boating

New version of the Q Panel’s software has been officially released to all Q Experience systems.

This software version, 2030.646, introduces the users to night mode feature, making it easier and more pleasant to read the Q Panel even in the dark.

What’s new? – These features have been added to the Q Panel

With the release of the new update on the Q system, these features have been added:

  • Night mode. You can now switch your Q Panel automatically to night mode whenever you want. No more staring at a blinding white screen in the dark. Night mode can be found in the panel from display settings.
  • Compass to see the course-on-ground. With the compass feature you can graphically see the course of the ground. The feature is located in the side panel of the Q plotter.
  • Other updates to the side panel. The side panel has gained some useful and handy features. You can now see displays for fresh, gray and black water tank sensors. You can also control speed update intervals, and see the fuel level as percentages.
  • Set trips, routes and places as your destination. Feature that can be found from the side panel allows you to add a destination and see the estimated time of arrival and fuel consumption to get there.

  • Keeping fuel tank(s) in check. This added feature with fuel sensor filtering helps you keep better track of what’s going on with the boat’s fuel levels, as it helps to prevent sudden changes in the fuel tank(s).
  • Keeping track of the fuel levels. Another fuel related new setting that can be found from the side panel of the Q plotter keeps track of the fuel tank capacity. You can see the estimation of distance and time that you still have left to drive with the current fuel level.
  • Trip meter. A handy trip meter has been added to the Q Panel’s side panel. It shows you the fuel consumption, time, and distance of how much you have traveled.

Read all the updated features from the release notes. You can read more about the Q Experience and the company who created it from Nextfour’s website.

More to come – Q Experience evolves

The Q Experience keeps on expanding and improving towards a smarter future for boating. This new software release is not the only news we got going on. Keep an eye out for new, exciting things to come later in 2020!