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Q Experience is pleased to announce that Buster Boats with their BusterQ has received SuomiAreena’s prize for the Best Mobile Service 2017.

Buster Boats was the first boat manufacturer to integrate the Q system into their boats as a direct factory installation. Launched in the summer 2016, Buster’s version of the system is called BusterQ. SoumiAreena’s award is a notable recognition for Buster’s pioneering decision.

SuomiAreena is five-day event that takes place in the Finnish city of Pori this year. The event provides insights to the Finnish society in the form panel discussions, sports events, exhibitions and inspirational speakers from standup comedians to the Finnish President.

SuomiAreena acknowledges the year’s best mobile services in altogether eight categories. BusterQ received the prize in the category for the best IoT product.

Q system utilizes the Internet of Things to create a new kind of boating experience and help new boat owners enter the hobby smoothly. Q can, for example, communicate with third party devices, such as the Wallas boat heater. Devices can be controlled through Q’s clear interface and Q can also alarm the user if it receives concerning data. Q system is constantly monitoring boat’s state and it provides the user with warnings and remainders if needed.

New, helpful IoT applications have been included in Q system’s roadmap. They include more third-party integrations and the long-awaited boat guard. But boat owners will have to wait for a while for these extensions because right now Q’s development team is working hard to customize the system for two new boat manufacturers.

News of the integrations will follow later this year!

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