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Thank you for the responses on the survey! The giveaway is closed and the winner has been contacted.

The digital dashboard design survey was open during 2nd of May – 20th of May 2024. The giveaway price was Q Remote 2 (value 159€) and users also had the option to fill out the survey without participating in the giveaway. We have analyzed the survey data and gotten some amazing feedback. We appreciate all the answers we got. Here are some of the most interesting parts of the survey.

The most popular answer here was ‘more pages’ (46%) with almost every other person voting for it. The second most popular was ‘map’ (40%) and the third was ‘2D boat/compass’ (35%). The ‘Drive mode’ (32%) and ‘line of trip’ (32%) were close too, since they both got almost one third of users voting for them. The least votes got ‘ECO monitoring’ (5%). Overall the favorite ideas got the most diverse group of answers from the survey.

With layouts, there was one clear winner. ‘Two big gauges’ was the most popular answer in this category. The second most popular (4+ big gauges) got half less votes than the first one. And the other layouts got even less votes.

‘Semicircle’ (54%) got the most votes and ‘gauge with lines’ (43%) got the second most votes. Among the ‘favorite shapes for gauges’ there were only two favorites. Other options got way less votes, the third most popular was ‘circle’ that got only 16% of users to vote for it.

We thank you all for showing interest in our survey. And we already have some great news for you. We are releasing our new software soon and there are lots of new things there. Read our release notes for more information! Regarding this survey, you have to be a little more patient, but something new is on the way. Let’s make the boating experience the best for all users!

Stay tuned for more,
Happy boating!