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Our Q Experience sales team travelled over 8 000 kilometres and more than twenty hours from Turku to Miami, Florida to showcase Q products at IBEX on our own stand in Tampa. They were exhausted but exited for the upcoming event since we had planned it for so long. Our Q Displays were packed carefully, final purchases were made locally, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. The Florida officials warned about a tropical storm approaching the coast but nobody was really worried…

…until that tropical storm escalated into a category 4 hurricane. IBEX had to be cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions, much to all exhibitors devastation. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency causing the state close all schools, and order an evacuation for over 2.500 000 people.

Unstable weather conditions continue

On Wednesday night the hurricane is expected to hit Florida, but 70 miles south of Tampa.  All public transportaion is at halt and more than two million people are without power. Most of the outages are in the southern Gulf side of the state but are moving east as the storm rages accross Florida.

-The team is disappointed about the cancellation, but after following the news about the hurricane Ian`s progress, we understand that this was the correct action to be taken, says Nextfour’s CEO Niklas Öhman about the situation.

The safety of all Florida residents is the priority right now and we wish that everyone stays safe. Fortunately our sales team arrived home to Finland safe and sound, albeit very tired from the long travel. The destiny and return of our stand material remains unknown and hopefully will arrive back in due time. If you wish to discuss anything IBEX related that you missed due to the cancellation, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team:

Patrik Gustafsson, Sales Manager:

Niklas Öhman, CEO: