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What’s going on with the original Q Display 1 Series?

Since releasing the new generation of The Q Experience, Q Display 2 Series, there haven’t been a lot of news on the original, first Q generation.

Now’s time to fix that and catch up on what’s going on with Q1!

New software update for Q1 coming in the spring

We are still working on the first generation of Q displays with a new software update. We’ll be releasing a new software update to the original series during the spring of 2021. The new software version will mostly include software improvements and other needed updates.

We are continuously collecting information on all the things that need fixing, so we’ll know to tackle them all.

Before the release of the update we’ll have to be able to do a few test drives out on boats ourselves, so let’s hope for a good and warm weather in the early spring for a quicker release! No need to worry though, the new update will be available in good time for the new boating season.

Update your boating experience with Q Display 2 Series

The reception of our new Q Series has been great, and we can’t wait to see it properly out on the waters next summer. Since the release, there has been quite a lot of requests to get all the new Q2 features to the original Q displays (previously known as Q Panels) as well.

Since the displays of the two series are entirely different and separate devices, the original Q displays can’t be updated to the new software. Much like an old phone can’t be updated to have all the features of a new one.

However, we do have some promising news for you!

We are working on a way for you to purchase our products directly from us. This means you would be able to buy products from the Q Display 2 Series separately without buying a new boat, and this way update your boating experience to a new level.

Other products that would be available as well include, for example, guard cables that will enable you to use the Guard -feature on the Q Display 2 Series!

Since The Q Experience products have so far only been available to be purchased as a part of a new boat, we hope you’ll allow us some time to set everything up correctly before we open our sales to all.