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How to choose the right plotter for your boat?

The market is full of options with different applications and features. All of them are capable of navigating a boat, but which one is the best choice for your specific boating needs?

Here’s a quick list of things you should consider in a new plotter, and how Q compares to these plotter demands.

1 A good user interface

You’ll be using the interface of the plotter every time you go out boating, so it should be a good one. Usability is key when it comes to any device.

The Q Experience has invested in its plotter interface to make it as easy as possible for all boaters to use. We believe everyone should be able to go out boating and enjoy high-tech technology, even if not everyone is a tech-wizard themselves.

2 Size of the screen

There are plenty of different plotter screen sizes from 5″ to 24″. Usually the bigger the boat is, the bigger the screen size of the plotter. If a screen is too small you may not be able to clearly see the charts. However bigger plotters need more power and thus create more heat.

Some plotters, like the one from the 2nd Q generation, are also extra wide so you can use more applications and features at the same time. (Keep your eyes open for its launch in in just a few weeks!) Other Q Display sizes are 10″ and 16″.

3 Connectivity

When choosing a plotter you should pay attention on how extensive features and applications you might need. Do you want an all-in-one solution or to use separate devices for features such as radar, fishfinder, music and boat heater?

Some plotters like our Q Displays combine all these applications to one screen making it easy to control them all from the same system. However some boaters prefer to have and control these features on separate devices.

5 Chart choices

Some plotters have more extensive chart options than others. Some chart integrations may also be plotter specific or vice versa. For example The Q Experience is integral with Navionics charts.

6 Separate plotter or factory-installed to your boat?

The markets are full of separately sold plotters with emphasis on different features.  You should choose which features are the most important to you, and choose the right plotter from there.

Some plotter-infotainment systems, like the Q Experience, are already installed to specific boats when you buy them. They come as a standard equipment. This way the choice of a plotter is already decided for you, and you don’t have to worry about comparing different manufacturers and brands.

You’re all set to go!