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Zipwake, the Dynamic Trim Control System provider with industry leading solutions for automatic motion control of planing and semi-planing powerboats and Nextfour, the company behind the Q Experience, bundle the separate solutions to seamlessly work together.

Zipwake, with global customers in 56 countries with 82 branch offices and service outlets is continuing in gaining great interest and awareness around the world among Boat Owners, Boat
The Q Experience gets yet another extension as the Zipwake integration is unveiled at METSTRADE in Amsterdam 2018. This remarkable interceptor solution and the widely extendable Q panel will bring the user experience to yet another new dimension.

The new Zipwake integration allows the boater to control andfollow the interceptor status in the Q, thus allowing the boater to easily switch from automatic to manual mode using the easily accessible user interface, the Q Remote or the Zipwake control. The Interceptor technology is the most efficient method for automatic motion control of planing and semi-planing powerboats. With the addition of the new intermediate and chine interceptors, Zipwake demonstrates its position as the leading manufacturer of Dynamic Trim Control Systems.

The Q Experience is continuing to extend the range of crossfunctional integration of boating appliances. This is yet another step in making the boating experience easier and accessible for
everyone with the Q Experience ecosystem. The Q Experience will automatically detect the installed Zipwake system and add the controls to the user interface. No complicated settings needed.

Zipwake functions include control of automatic pitch/roll and other important controls. A quick tutorial on how to use the Zipwake control functions will be posted at Q Experience’s and Zipwake´s YouTube channels.

Askeladden uses both the Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control System and the Q Experience platform in their C-Command. Henrik Askvik, CEO of Askeladden Boats AS states: “Our target is to make the boating experience better for our customers. Integration of Zipwake to the Askeladden C-Command makes boating even better. Easy access to essential information is vital for modern boating.”

The Zipwake Trim Control System support will be available for all Q Panels, requiring only an over-the-air (OTA) software update which is received without the need of the boater’s action. This means that to get the new features boat owner only needs to accept the new update when prompted by the Q device. The target for the update is before the end of this year. New features and the integration can be seen at the METSTRADE show in Amsterdam 13-15 November at Zipwake (7.123) or Nextfour (12.841) stand.