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Norwegian Askeladden extends the possibility to install C-Command (Q system) to their whole C series. The partnership between Q Experience and Askeladden began in September 2017 as the Q system was fitted into Askeladden’s new flagship C83 Cruiser TSI. After a successful year the Norwegian boat manufacturer has decided to extend the possibility for a C-Command installation to all boats in C series.

The series includes 9 stylish fiberglass boats that are 5 to 9 meters in length. C-Command will be available in C series from 2019 onwards. Askeladden is the largest boat manufacturer in Norway and the boats are sold widely in Scandinavia.

In Askeladden’s boats Q system is known as Askeladden C-Command like it was named in C83 Cruiser TSI’s launch. The flagship itself is part of the C series and it features the C-Command as a factory installation. C83 TSI also features Q system’s innovative Boat Controls application that allows boat owner to control lights, pumps and other accessories through C-Command.

At this point other boats in the C series will not have a possibility for Boat Controls. But other than that, they include all Q system’s applications from Map to Weather Service. Customers that want to order a C series boat with C-Command have a selection of either 10 or 16-inch screen. Both options are available with Q system’s handy remote control.

“Extending our partnership with Askeladden was, of course, our interest from the start. We value their designs and the way they work, and we hope that this cooperation can be extended even further in the future. “comments CEO Niklas Öhman from Nextfour Solutions, the company behind the Q Experience.

Extending C-Command to the whole series is another significant milestone for Q Experience that has had an astonishing year so far. Earlier in September, Q system and Yamarin established cooperation and launched the first ever Yamarin Q in Yamarin’s new flagship 88DC.

Later this year there’s a great chance to get to know the Q system better as Q Experience will attend METSTRADE2018 trade show in Amsterdam to exhibit system’s latest features and extensions. Some of the new features have also been enrolled in the prestigious DAME Awards and Boat Builder Awards design competitions. For more information contact CEO Niklas Öhman or CTO Johan Wessberg.