Cloud AIS



Cloud AIS

See who you share the sea with – for safety and leisure.

The Cloud AIS subscription brings AIS targets to the Q Display’s chart, without the need for an external AIS receiver.

Traditionally an AIS receiver would be necessary to view AIS targets on the chart. With the Cloud AIS subscription, you skip the hassle with installing the AIS receiver, and still see all the available AIS targets!

Collision warnings – Cloud AIS alerts you if you are on a collision course with another ship.

In case of a MOB (Man Over Board) situation, the Q Display will show you the person in distress on the chart, and you will be prompted to navigate to the location.

The Cloud AIS does not send out your position to other AIS users, it is purely a way to view AIS targets on the chart.

Instructions Of Use:

Requires Q Display software version 2317.777 or newer.

After the subscription is activated in the mobile application, do the following in your Q Display:

  1. Make sure that you have an active Q Connected subscription.
  2. In the Q Display activate AIS targets in the chart settings: Map > Map menu ( ) > Chart settings > Show AIS vessels.
  3. Done!

What Is AIS?

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a vessel tracking system that uses transceivers on ships to share locations and courses with other ships in the area. This is used as a collision avoidance measure.