Limitation Areas



Limitation Areas Finland

Get up to speed, but the right speed.

The Limitation areas subscription shows the current limitations in your area directly on your chart, such as speed limits, no-wake zones, or prohibition of anchoring.

On the sea, and especially in the archipelago, the limitation signs are difficult to spot in bushes on the shore. The Limitation Areas subscription brings these signs directly in front of you on the screen. Even better, the Limitation Areas subscription even tells you when the limitations end, no more guessing.

By tapping on the on-screen Limitation Area sign, you can see the whole limitation area on the chart.

NOTE: currently only available in Finland.

Instructions Of Use

Requires Q Display software version 2317.777 or newer.

After the Limitation Areas Finland subscription has been activated in the mobile application the Limitation Areas will automatically show on the chart! NOTE: your Q Display needs to download the Limitation areas after activating the subscription. If you do not have an active Q Connected subscription, connect your Q Display to a WLAN network for a few minutes to download the Limitation Areas (you will not be notified of the download).

You can also add the Limitation areas to the Dashboard widgets: Map > Map menu > Dashboard > Environment > Driving limitations / Speed limit.