Buster Connected+



Q Experience – anywhere, any time.

The Buster Connected+ subscription includes the Buster Connected service, as well as an addition of 8GB of Entertainment Data!

A restart of the Q Display is required for the subscription to take effect.

This subscription can only be used on an official Q Display or other official Q Experience product.

How to activate the Buster Connected+ subscription?

Download and link the Buster mobile application:

  1. Download the Buster mobile application from Google Play (here) or App Store (here).
  2. Create an account and add your boat.
  3. Once the boat has been created you will be prompted to Link your Q by scanning a QR-code. You can find the QR code in your Q Display’s setting: Settings > System > Link mobile application.

Activate the Buster Connected+ subscription:

  1. From the home page, go to Subscriptions
  2. Choose Monthly or Annual
  3. Choose Buster Connected+
  4. Fill in your information and subscribe
  5. Done, your Buster Connected+ subscription will activate on the next restart of the Q Display!

What do you get?

Buster Connected+ is the connection between you and your boat. With Buster Connected+ you get unlimited access to your boats data, advanced weather reports, and software updates. In addition, you get 8GB of Entertainment data.

Entertainment data is, as the name suggests, data that is used for entertainment purposes. This includes WLAN hotspot, web browsing, and internet radio!

In The Q Display

Automatic software updates – always keep your Q Display up to date.
Weather reports – automatic warnings when the weather takes a turn for the worse.
Windy – advanced weather-, temperature, wind, and rain radar directly on the Q Display.
WLAN Hotspot – WLAN onboard, perfect for a workday at sea.
Google place search – find gas stations, restaurants, and other services with ease directly on your Q Display.
Subscription support – e.g., Cloud AIS and Limitation areas.
Q Guard surveillance – real-time surveillance of your boat, no matter where you are.
Mobile application connection – connection to the mobile application.

In The Mobile Application

Real-time boat status:

  • Location – see your boat location in real-time.
  • Battery voltage & low voltage warning – monitor your battery voltage in real-time, and get a warning when the voltage drops too low.
  • Fuel level – see the current fuel level to know if you have to plan a fuel stop or not.
Q Guard surveillance:

  • Location alarm – get notified if your boat leaves the mooring.
  • Engine theft alarm – get notified if a thief tries to steal your outboard engine.
  • Bilge water level alarm – get notified if the bilge starts filling with water while your boat is moored.
  • Battery disconnection alarm – get notified if a thief disconnects your battery, or Q Display, in hopes of disarming Q Guard surveillance.
WLAN Hotspot – WLAN onboard, perfect for a workday at sea.
Trip logbook & season summary – automatically syncs all your driven trips with your mobile application, and summarizes your season.
Automatic service book – get all your service data in your mobile application.
Engine information & alarm log – missed an engine alarm while driving? No problem, the alarm is saved in the mobile engine alarm log.

How to install and activate your Buster Connected+ SIM-card (Note! Only if ordered separately)

Boats manufactured later than 2023 will have a SIM card installed at the factory, if the SIM card is installed at the factory you can activate the Buster Connected+ subscription!

However, if the mobile application notifies you that you do not have a supported SIM card, you can order one for free via the link, and then follow the installation instructions below:


  1. Locate the SIM card slot at the back of your Q Display, this may require some disassembly in the boat. Make sure the Q Display is turned off before installation.
  2. Remove the SIM card from the plastic holder in the second biggest size (Micro SIM)
  3. Install the SIM card in the SIM card slot and make sure the SIM card clicks into place. Pay attention to the orientation of the SIM card, the correct orientation is shown below the SIM card slot.
  4. With the SIM card installed check that the Q Display recognizes the SIM. Turn on the Q Display and go to: Settings > System settings > System info > SIM IMSI. If you see a series of digits on the IMSI row, your Q Display recognizes the SIM and the installation was a success!

In the mobile application:

  1. Open the mobile application and navigate to My boats.
  2. Choose Edit on the boat in which you installed the SIM-card.
  3. Re-link your Q Display, select Unlink Q, then Link Q (Note: no data is lost). Instructions for linking Q here.
  4. When re-linked, find the Subscriptions card and open it.
  5. Choose a monthly or annual Buster Connected+ -subscription.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen and fill out your data.
  7. Done, your Buster Connected+ connection will activate on the next restart of the Q Display!