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The collaboration between the two marine industry companies brings availability and a dealer network in Italy for the innovative Q Experience ecosystem. The Q Ecosystem marine displays, all-in-one design, include navigation, gauges, NMEA, entertainment, mobile connectivity with an app and a lot more as built-in features. More info at

Eurosportos distribution partnership | Q Experience marine electronics by Nextfour

Scandici, Italy – May 1st, 2023 – Eurosportos and Nextfour have today announced a partnership for distribution and sales for the entire Q Experience product ecosystem. The collaboration will finally give availability for sales and support for the Italian market and through MS Marine boat distribution in the US. The first deliveries will be for the rib installations in rental market for Florida, where MS Marine will deliver the Q Experience products to Emerald Coast Rib rentals.

In 2023 The Q Experience will finally be available for dealers and consumers through a series of national distribution networks and the cooperation between Eurosportos and Nextfour is among the first ones to be launched. Until recently the Q Experience products have only been available as factory installed units with manufacturers own labels. The current installation base is more than 20.000 units. This has mainly been our own choice until now, says Niklas Öhman, CEO for Nextfour Solutions. We have worked and will continue working closely with the boat, engine and powertrain manufacturers and developers helping our partners to promote their brand identity and customer specific needs. The Q Experience platform is certainly the best and most flexible platform for platform available for turnkey development. Currently the Q Ecosystem has been branded for more than 30 brands. Most known for Buster Boats, Yamarin, Cross, Askeladden, Parker, Vision Marine, Northmaster and Grand.

After several years of strong demand through both international markets and end-users, the Q Experience will now be available under the Q Experience brand through the dealers. One major difference for our new distribution partners will be how to work with the local boat and technology manufacturers and offer them also the white-label model as an option.

Eurosportos is well-known boat dealer partner with service network in the Italian marine industry. The company is especially known for providing a reliable and high level of support, sales stock, and service.

“As a leading partner in the Italian high-end boating market, our service and support give confidence to our marine customers. The products have been robustly designed and we can rely on the direct support from Nextfour´s R&D and after sales organization,” says Stefano Mazzanti from Eurosportos/MS Marine US. “We have started an excellent relationship with Nextfour and are thrilled to introduce the distribution to the Italian market”.

The Q Experience ecosystem offers best in class user experience, perfectly complemented by flawless design, always connected mobile awareness, rugged design and is constantly updated with new innovations that come with the products.

For more information 

Stefano Mazzanti, Eurosportos Srl, +39 055 720 750

Niklas Öhman, Nextfour Solutions Ltd , +358 50 3728 287