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Google Maps & YouTube

  • Use Search in the chart menu and find different categories to search for in Google Maps. Available categories are gas stations, marinas, restaurants, hotels and sights.
  • Google Maps and YouTube are also available in the Main menu. Main menu > Info > Extras > Google Maps or YouTube.

Note! With long press on nay position or select existing place in the chart to access the Google Maps button.

Route Warning areas

Auto route now highlights areas where extra caution should be taken. Yellow indicates extra caution and red indicates areas to avoid.

Note! Boat dimension settings Settings > Boat settings > Boat draft/beam/length affect which areas are treated as warning areas.

User selection on startup

  • When having more than one user profile, user selection will be prompted during startup. The last user will automatically be selected if no user is selected before the timeout.
  • The selection timeout can be adjusted in Settings > Users > User selection time. The default time is 3 seconds.

Note! If selection time is set to zero (N/A) user selection interface is not shown during startup.

Dashboard gauges

  • Remaining fuel gauge. Displays the remaining fuel in desired volume. This counter uses the engine’s injection system for accurate fuel consumption. The amount of remaining fuel can be set at any time by pressing the up/down arrows on the gauge. If the fuel tank capacity is set in Settings > Boat settings > Fuel tank capacity, the value is reset to the set capacity with a double tap on this gauge.
  • Seabed. Show the shape of the seabed. (Only available when Fishfinder is installed.)
  • Radar range. Simplified control for the radar range. (Only available when a radar is installed.)

Display settings

  • New color themes options available – Caribbean and Blue. Change the color theme from Settings > Display settings > Theme.
  • Automatic night mode. Adjusts the color palette of the display for night use based on ambient light conditions. Lower slider value triggers night mode in darker conditions, higher value in brighter conditions.

AIS improvements

  • Vessel info for AIS targets is now available. Click and select any AIS vessel on the chart to display detailed information.
  • AIS collision warning. When enabled from the chart settings, this feature shows a warning area on the chart where there is a risk for a collision. The collision warning requires that the AIS vessel is moving at a speed greater than 4 knots.
  • AIS course line height. The feature can be adjusted in chart settings to show the AIS vessel’s course. The end of the line demonstrates the position of the vessel after the seconds specified by this setting.


  • Quality improvements for streaming and connectivity.
  • Bluetooth volume handling has been changes so that the Q Display’s volume is the master volume, which the streaming devices cannot exceed.

Length unit

  • Used unit setting changes how certain lengths (i.e., boat length, AIS vessel length) are displayed in the system.

Fishfinder improvements

  • History scrollback. The image can now be scrolled back and paused.
  • Depth indicators. Press and hold the Fishfinder image to see the depth indicators.
  • Side dashboard in Fishfinder view. In the Fishfinder menu select Dashboard and activate the gauges which are desired to see on the side of your Fishfinder.
  • New Fishfinder settings:
    • Depth levels. Control the number of depth levels visible in the right of the Fishfinder image.
    • Depth lines. Enable to show lines beside the depth levels.
    • Seabed enhancing. Enable to make the seabed more visible.
    • Visible horizon. Enable to show the horizon i.e., add a margin to the top of the Fishfinder image.
    • Automatic scrolling. Enable to automatically scroll back from the history to the current data if the image is not touched.
    • Scrolling speed. Change the speed of the Fishfinder image scrolling.
    • Color schemes. Different color schemes can be selected for the sonar image.

Release notes in PDF form:


Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact Q Support with any questions about the use of your Q Display.