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This is a maintenance release with only a few visual changes. Most of the changes are non-visual features, bug fixes and optimizations.

NOTE: Check also the release notes of the previous releases to find out information about new features. You can find these in Info > Release notes.

Notable improvements:

  • Startup speed greatly improved.
  • Custom chart place icons. When adding/editing a place you can now change the shape, center icon and color of it.
  • Distance and duration estimations to the destination improved.

Google Maps:

  • Added new search categories to the chart’s search feature: Boat service, and Grocery. Find these in Chart settings > Search. This feature requires an internet connection.

New feature: Statistics

  • Access statistics from Info > Statistics
  • Currently one statistic report available: Driving economy. When enough driving data is available you can access information about driving economy with different engine RPMs.

New gauges:

  • Speed through water. If a supporting NMEA device is connected, you can now add a gauge to display the speed through water.

Release Notes in PDF form:


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